La Carte

* Saddle of rabbit flavoured with sage, served cold, capers blini, spring vegetables 15€
* Terrine of monkfish liver, brioche bread wirh ginger, dill whipped cream 15€
* Roasted dublin Bay prawns, mashed broad bean flavoured with chorizo bellota, artichoke 19€
* Panfried duck foie gras, beetroot variation, grated cocoa from Guadalupe 19€
* Tuna gravlax carpaccio, crunchy and cooked green local asparagus, crushed strawberries
   with balsamic vinegar

Main courses
* Roasted veal filet mignon and prawn with saté, "sand" carrots mashed with orange
  and caramelized, grated cauliflower
* Grilled duck breast on skin, sweet potatoes and vanilla mousseline, coconut crumble,
  mango and passion fruit caramel sauce
* Sea bass filet from Mediterranean Sea, avocado carpaccio, guacamole with Espelette chili,
  radish shavings and greens
* Roasted pigeon with oregano, whole and boneless, green local asparagus roasted with parmesan
  cheese, cooking juice
* John Dory filet roasted with thyme butter, spelt risotto from Sault, pea, chicken juice 28€
* Filet of meagre/shade fish/salmon bass and thaï sauce with tomato and olive cubes,
  roasted sucrine lettuce, crunchy courgette, acidulated crisp

Cheeses by Josiane Déal (MOF Cheesemaker at Vaison la Romaine)
* The goat cheeses from Provence and home made candied carrot chutney with carraway seed
   and fennel
*  Assortment of matured french cow cheeses, salad of season and chestnut honey vinaigrette 10€

* Lemon: lemon tart with lemon and thyme cream, yellow lemon biscuit, crisp and lemon sorbet,
  thyme-lemon marshmallow
* Apple: stewed apples with saffron, oat crumble, cider espuma, green apple sorbet 12€
* Chocolate: vahlrona chocolate mouss with milk and red fruits on chocolate cake, red fruit sorbet
  and sauce, chocolate crisp
* Exotic: mango-passion fruit mouss, exotic sauce and coconut shavings, crunchy biscuit 12€
* Assortment of home made sorbets with a crisp almond biscuit 09€



We work with fresh products and do a day cooking.
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