La Carte

* Pan fried duck foie gras, strawberry-basil tartar, poppy seed brioche toast 23€
* Sardine filets marinated in pickle way, seasonal vegetables, dill whipped cream,
  curcuma/turmeric focaccia
* Breaded prawns with savory, courgette tartar flavoured with roquette pistou,
  shellfish vinaigrette
* Saddle of rabbit stuffed with black olive, served cold on spelt taboulé, sweet garlic crisp 16€
* Tuna tataki with soya, green asparagus variation, strawberry crisp 20€

Main courses
* Sea bass filet from Mediterranean sea, poichichade (chickpea mouss with garlic),
  chickpeas fricassee, grilled lettuce heart, orange vinaigrette
* Veal back steak, acidulated aubergine roasted in oven, aubergine caviar (aubergine mouss
  with garlic), gravy, Provence herbs breadstick
* Monkfish slowly cooked in a fennel butter, mashed peas, parsley coulis, peas meringue 30€
* Roasted beef filet with sage butter, mashed potatoes, beetroot pickles, meat juice 30€
* Langoustines roasted with smoked butter, roasted green asparagus with parmesan,
  dried black olives crumbs
* Lamb filet roasted with garlic, panisse (chickpea flour cake), crunchy courgette with basil,
  garlic gravy sauce

from Lou Canesteou of Romain Dumond at Vaison La Romaine
and selected by Josiane Déal (MOF Cheesemaker) 
* The goat cheeses from Provence, home made black cherry jam 11€
*  Assortment of matured french cow cheeses, salad with grilled almonds 14€

* Strawberry: anise shortbread biscuit, strawberry cream, fresh strawberries, sauce, acidulated gel,
  olive oil sorbet
* Chocolate: cocoa bean crispy biscuit, chocolate-licorice cream, cocoa sorbet 14€
* Exotic: crisp biscuit, exotic fruits cream, pineapple lace slices, passion fruit sorbet, 
  coriander-exotic sauce
* Lemon: shortbread biscuit, lemon cream, Italian meringue, kalamansi sorbet 14€
* Freshness: assortment of home made sorbets with a crisp almond biscuit 12€



We work with fresh products and do a day cooking.
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