La Carte

* Mackerel in two ways: crunchy of rillettes with curry and gravlax filets grilled on flame,
  roots vegetables shavings
* Home made foie gras terrine, with spiced wine jelly, onion chutney, spiced toast 20€
* Ravioli of snails cooked with garlic, parsley and winter vegetables, parmesan cream 16€
* Large prawns in walnut breadcrumbs, turnip-rooted parsley variation, soya vinaigrette 20€
* Hunting partridge pie with duck foie gras and diced vegetables, cooking juice with red wine, 
  lamb's lettuce

Main courses
* Roasted duck breast on skin, reduced sauce with raspberry vinegar, mashed red kuri squash,
  tiny winter vegetables pickles, red kuri squash chips
* Maigre filet from Corsica, olive oil condimented with orange juice-fennel-celery,
  parsnip mousseline and crunchy radish variation
* Scallops roasted with smoked butter, spelt risotto, caramelized butternut squash, seafood foam 34€
* Wild boar filet mignon (tenderloin), salsify, chestnut and cep fricassee, cooking juice 34€
*  "Herdshire" beef filet, mashed potatoes, roasted beetroot, chips,
  infused sauce with Sichuan berries
* Monkfish cooked in butter with green cardamom seed, cauliflower puree with chopped nuts,
  chicken juice with madeira wine

Cheeses by Josiane Déal (MOF Cheesemaker at Vaison la Romaine)
* The goat cheeses from Provence, home made gingerine jam with Christmas scents 08€
*  Assortment of matured french cow cheeses, salad with grilled almonds 10€

* Pear: poached pearwith red wine and blackcurrant, stuffed with vanilla rice pudding,
  pear sorbet
* Mandarine: Viennese biscuit, mandarine cream, suzette sauce and mandarine sorbet 13€
* Chestnut-chocolate: chocolate biscuit flavoured with chestnut liquor, chestnut-chocolate ganache,
  chestnut custard, yogurt-chestnut ice cream
* Apple-caramel: ginger-caramel apple tartar, crisp biscuit, milk mouss, green apple sorbet 13€
* Assortment of home made sorbets with a crisp almond biscuit 10€


We work with fresh products and do a day cooking.
A dish could be lacking
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From 2020, dogs won't be accepted in the restaurant anymore. Thanks for your understanding